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Preschool People Go Around the World

"We put down papers and laid down on them. We traced our outlines. The teachers helped us cut them out, and then we painted them. Our art teacher helped. My person had pink skin, some had brown or white. We took a long time mixing our colors to match our skins. Mine was really kind of a strawberry color. We decorated airplane tickets with watercolors and made passports so our people could go on the plane. Our teachers packed their suitcases. We said goodbye to them on Friday, and on Monday they were gone all over the world. They sent us a Swedish horse, and a mask from Africa, and dolls from a lot of places like Russia and China. The packages came to the post office in our class. We had to be very gentle. The doll from China has a bow on her back, and it might break. The people should come back, but they aren't back yet."

—Preschool One Student, 2003

Teacher's Comment: The children's body tracings are a science tool for the study of the senses. They also help children develop their ability to speak in a group and "write" stories about themselves. As part of our "we are all alike/we are all different theme," this project also encourages conversations about acceptance, kindness, and understanding. This year we extended the unit to include travel around the world as a way to help children learn that people everywhere share similarities and differences. We'll bring the "travelers" back at the end of school and use them as a math tool to compare how much the children have grown and changed.