Field Day
  • Physical Education


Preschoolers love the Bike Program, which goes on rain or shine, in the new full-sized gym or on the brick "streets" of the Heritage Courtyard.

For Physical Education, Tag Is "Awesome"

"I like tag the best. When we play it indoors, we get to use the lanes on the basketball court. They are our pathways for getting away or trapping and tagging. Then outside, we play other kinds, like Stock Exchange Tag, where you get a ball with a number on it, and you trade up for a higher number—you hope! At the end we get together in teams and see who has the good trades and the not very good trades.

"I guess my favorite kind is Blob Tag. You get two kids as taggers who hold hands and tag more and more kids. You have to figure out how everybody can keep on holding hands and move without letting go. The blob gets bigger and bigger. It's awesome!"

Second Grade Boy

In addition to the physical education classes that are a regular part of each student's program, children in grade one through grade three may participate in a once-weekly afternoon of athletics called "Fun and Fitness."