• Parents Association


Parents' Association

The goal of the Nashoba Brooks Parents' Association is to arrange programs and activities to support students and to create community spirit, while providing both financial support and cultural enrichment to the school. All Nashoba Brooks parents or guardians are members of the Parents' Association (P.A.).

The Office of Development and Alumni Relations provides support for the Nashoba Brooks Parents' Association and its committees, as well as support for P.A. special events and fund raisers.

The Parents' Association meets monthly to plan educational, social and fundraising events for the school. All Nashoba Brooks parents/guardians are encouraged to participate in these meetings.

In May each year, the Parents' Association holds its Annual Meeting at which time members of the Association will vote on the slate of officers, the proposed budget, and any changes in the Articles of Association.

Parent-School Communication

Communication is an essential part of the family-school collaboration, with numerous avenues including advisor conferences, school publications, curriculum evenings, discussion groups, parent-teacher conferences, parent visiting days, letters from the Head of School, and progress reports.