• Lower Grade - Upper Grade Collaboration


Big and Little Sisters

"The Big Sister-Little Sister Program is one way to ease fourth graders into the upper school, and at the same time, foster leadership among the oldest girls, our eighth graders. Since half of the 'Fours' are new to the school each year, being connected with someone older is an important security blanket. The matches are made by random drawings, and two eighth graders take on the responsibility of being Big-Little Sister Coordinators.

"Some of the activities the girls share are trips to the Discovery Museum in Acton, a boat cruise on the Charles River, and, every other Thursday, a Big Sister-Little Sister Lunch. In between these special events, they leave letters in each other's lockers, and on occasion give each other presents, following the strict rules that these must cost five dollars or less, or be home-made.

"The Eights can still remember their own big sisters from four years back. This memory helps them take their roles as older-girl models seriously and enthusiastically, and ensures the ongoing success of the program."

Faculty advisor, Big Sister-Little Sister Program

Preschoolers shown here are the audience for a fifth-grade puppet show. The annual Grade 3-Grade 7 Musical, special small assembly projects, and upper-lower grade reading groups are other opportunities for "youngers" and "olders" to share experiences.