• Diversity Efforts


Connecting through Affinity

Affinity Lunches are one of many diversity efforts at Nashoba Brooks. Others include the formation of a Student Diversity Group (in addition to special Board and Faculty committees), Diversity Open House, Parent Affinity Groups, and hosting the fall 2003 AISNE Middle School Diversity Conference.

"We have established student affinity groups who have lunches together each week. Parents self- identify children when they are enrolled and then kids are invited to participate. The gatherings are casual and flexible. Sometimes a child will decide to come and sometimes he or she won't. They are supposed to bring a friend once a month, and when the friend comes, we talk about what group is about and why we do this. This is not an activity that segregates kids, but gives them the opportunity to be with friends who look like them, and to make connections."

—Lisa Sun, Diversity Coordinator