Community Service Rep Advisor Jan Maguire(left), Head of School Kay Cowan(center), and upper grades girls gather for an off-campus service project.
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Student Community Service Report

"We have gone to Loaves and Fishes two times. Each time we went, we felt that we left with more than what we came with. The first time we went, as soon as we entered the building we could tell that Loaves and Fishes had already begun to be hit with the mad holiday rush. We were given different tasks to try to make the environment a little less chaotic. We created a child play area so that shoppers could leave their children there while shopping. We sorted through and organized many presents that would be used during the holidays. Then we hung, folded and organized clothing so that people could easily find the things they were looking for. We also moved unwanted objects to the places where we were told to put them. We were asked to make the waiting room the clothes room, and the clothes room, the waiting room. This was a time consuming task, but with the help of the whole class we were able to do it.

"The second time we went to Loaves and Fishes, we saw all the old things that we had done before. We were proud of our work but knew there would be more. People cleared out refrigerators and cleaned them until they sparkled. We organized clothing again, trying to make it easier to find things. Two people read surveys where they had to tally the votes and then find the total and got percentages of the votes. Groups of people also vacuumed all the rooms to clean any dirt that had collected on the carpet.

"Both times that we went to Loaves and Fishes, we accomplished many things. Both times, we felt the satisfaction of helping people. We helped by saving many people from doing hours of work, and by donating clothes, letting people know that we cared, and most of all, making a difference. This is a great experience that everyone should share. It makes you aware of how fortunate and lucky you are. You learn not to take things for granted. Each year, Loaves and Fishes, with the help of volunteers and workers, makes the world a better place for many. There are so many people in the world who need our help. With the help of our class and hopefully, future eighth graders, we could make it a better world for everyone. This is an experience that not only helps the fortunate, but also makes you feel a little bit better about yourself."

Grade Eight Community Service Co-Chair