Strengthening the Bond

"We always do our utmost to make sure we have coaches who know their 'business.' That knowledge is made richer by knowing the school as well as the game. As our sports program has raised its profile, we have encouraged more in-house coaching appointments. The faculty know the environment, they know the philosophy, they know the students. When children work with teachers not only in the classroom but also on the field or in the gym, this strengthens the teaching-learning bond within the school. Having the right people in the right places makes everything come together; it breeds success. Outside the sports program, teachers continue to act as role models, for younger children as well as upper grades girls. Nashoba Brooks has had at least one teacher running in the Boston Marathon for the past few years-this year, second grade teacher Lizbie Porter. Sue Nelson, one of my Physical Education Department colleagues, plays tennis in an adult league, and-on another plane, following her interest in gender equity in sports-is a contributing author to Equity in the Gymnasium, a recent publication sponsored by the National Association for Girls and Women in Sport. Led by coach Polly Vanasse, the squash team introduced 'psyche days' to the school community, dressing in school colors with appropriate accessories. Over two-thirds of sixth, seventh, and eighth graders at Nashoba Brooks are playing sports. Those of us involved in the sports program are very psyched about that!"

Phys. Ed Teacher/Coach Lyn Smith-Miller