How to Apply

Our application process is an attempt to learn as much as possible about prospective students and to have students and their parents learn as much as possible about us. Visits to the school are as important as screenings and forms. Once you have made the decision to apply to Nashoba Brooks, please follow the steps outlined below.

Parent Visit
This visit should be scheduled between October 1, 2003, and February 2, 2004, for the academic year 2004-2005. In addition to seeing the school, parents will have the opportunity to talk about their child and learn about the program at Nashoba Brooks.

Application Form
Due by January 16, 2004. A non-refundable fee of $45 should accompany the application, payable to Nashoba Brooks School.
Click here to download a printable pdf version of the application form.

Preschool applicants: In January the school offers several playgroups for children. These sessions last about 45 minutes. Parents are encouraged to stay with their child.

Kindergarten-Grade 2 applicants: Individual screening at Nashoba Brooks. These sessions last from 25 to 40 minutes.

Grade 3 applicants: Small-group screening at Nashoba Brooks. These sessions last approximately one hour.

Grades 4-8 applicants: In February the school administers admission screening on two dates. The Independent School Entrance Examination is an accepted alternative.

Evaluation Form
The applicants current teacher must complete an evaluation form (available from the Admission Office) and return it to Nashoba Brooks by February 2, 2004. For grades 7 and 8, two evaluation forms are required.

Student Visit (applicants to grades 4-8 only)
During January, applicants spend a day at Nashoba Brooks, participating in classes and activities.

School Records
The applicants current school must forward a copy to Nashoba Brooks by February 2, 2004.

Admission Decision Letter
This letter will be mailed to parents on March 10, 2004.

Sibling Policy
The school gives preference to qualified siblings for enrollment in Preschool One, Kindergarten, and Grade Four.

Applications received after the deadline are reviewed as they are completed. Arrangements can be made to complete the application process at other times of the year. Please call the Admission Office for details.